Finn episode

My take….

They will have a story of Finn’s death in a heroic way (or not a “bad” way) and there will be bumpers to each commercial break with a different cast member either talking about Cory and/or talking about the dangers of drugs and how to get help.

Either that are 5-10 minutes of the cast and PSA at the end of the episode.

I wish they would film this stuff cause all these people are spinning it and being ambiguous.

Lily Mae: She was fantastic. I mean she was,  very warm. She was I don’t think any of us were expecting that because of the character she plays on the show. I mean she was great.  She gave really insightful, constructive notes to all of us, which is all we can ask for in a competition like that.

Mario: I was horrified I am getting ready to perform in front of an incredible talent,  a super diva and I was horrified. But she gave incredible feedback but I was blown away and honored by the feedback that she did give.

"OMG, this is not real"…

Bow down kids the Queen has entered the room…!!!

Premieres on Oxygen Tuesday June 5 

Season two of the critically acclaimed “The Glee Project” returns with additional themes, all new music and more episodes. During the eleven week run of the series, “The Glee Project” contenders will be narrowed down through intensive rounds of workshops, singing, dancing and acting-based assignments as the creative forces of “Glee” carefully assess who has what it takes to be one of the next new faces of the award-winning show. Murphy will once again join casting director Robert Ulrich and choreographer and “Glee” co-producer Zach Woodlee in the final deliberations of each installment of the series.

Vocal coach Nikki Anders, who mentored the contenders on-air in season one, joins the judging panel in season two each week as a permanent member. Additionally, continuing with the format of season one, “Glee” series regulars will appear on “The Glee Project” as guest mentors, including Lea Michele (“Rachel Berry”) in the show’s premiere episode.

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