Interview: Oh Honey on new music, Glee, & touring with The Fray

What was the experience like seeing “Be Okay” featured on Glee? How did that come about?

Having our song featured on “Glee” was so surreal. I was a theatre kid growing up so I’ve seen the show before and I totally “gleeked” out when we got the email. Lea Michele and Naya Rivera did an amazing job with the song– we loved their harmonies! It was so cool watching them perform it on national television, and consequently watching our social media blow up. The reaction was super positive and immediate. We watched the scene on repeat and popped champagne to celebrate.

The move to New York was a breath of fresh air for the show. Rachel (Lea Michele) was always meant for bigger things than Ohio could offer her, and as she embarked upon a college career at NYADA, the series grew along with her. Following arguably the lead character of the ensemble show was great, and it provided the opportunity to bring in actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson, who added a terrific new element. The fact that Kurt (Chris Colfer), and later Santana (Naya Rivera), joined Rachel in the Big Apple was even better. said by: blogcritics - blu ray review season 4.

No one cooler than . At SAG Awards, she posed for my Coffee Table book:

. Booming laugh, ever-cool, the straw that stirs the drink .

Awesome gal.

My coffee table book now has the awesome+inspired . Love this gal.

Some dudes have hair worth wearing. The cool and funny .

How cool is .? Cool enough to be in my coffee table book

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