Quote before  NY only episodes: 

So much of the show has been about dreams and aspirations with these kids. So I think it is sort of the most important part of the show is now coming . Where we see what it is actually like and what it actually takes to pursue a dream.  Ian Brennan. 


So lets do it for a few episodes and then throw that all away. 


E! Hottie of the Week

Oct. 10, 2014

Lea Michele, this is the glee star’s second win.

Throwback Thursday: 20 Greatest Season 1 'Glee' Musical Moments

20.  Take a bow, 19. Safety Dance 18, My life would suck w/o you 17. Hate on me. 16, I’ll stand by you 15. And I’m telling you. 14. Open your hear/borderline 13. Dream on 12. Don’t stand so close to me/Young girl 11. Hello  10. Rose’s turn.  9. Run Joey Run,  8. I Dreamed a Dream. 7. Like a Pray 6. Total eclipse of the heart.  5. Faithfully/Anyway you want it/ Lovin Squeezin  4. Don;t stop Believing.  3. Don’t rain om my Parade.  2. Bohemian Rhapsody  1. Somebody to love

"But I think we’ve taken the heart of what we were going to do and expanded it so it feels more macro and universal and I’m happy with that."  Ryan Muprhy

So instead of just Rachel and Finn having a horrible ending and “home” everyone will be “home”  in Lima cause glee club is their only true existence.



I challenge all Lea fans to do a  breast exam and tweet  about it and tag it #Fasterthan.

Right now the web site  www.evianfasterthan.com  has posted 15 tweets with the hashtag #fasterthan.

When that web site posts 50 more tweets with the hash tag I will donate $50 to  NBCF.

see Lea’s video for more info:   http://youtu.be/TcoM187lloo

I challenge  others to tweet and to donate. 

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