Mercedes goes back to Rachel for some sweet girl bonding, where they address the dropped Rachel and Sam suggestions that bubbled up earlier this season post-Finn’s death (Rachel liked that he understood how she felt and he reminded her of home, but the feelings passed) and how Rachel is dealing with herself and her dating life now. It’s tender and nuanced, and the right kind of next steps in grieving; it’s a pleasure that “Glee” lets us see this. said by : Billboard.

And that scene between Mercedes and Rachel was lovely, wasn’t it? The show has never shoved Rachel’s grief down our throats (though I could stand to see Kurt at least mention Finn at some point), getting the balance of seeing her struggle and getting on with her life just right, and hearing her speak about not being ready to draw a line in her life was the perfect way to address it. Maybe next season she’ll have a love interest but, using the brief flirtation with Sam as a reference, the show is right to chock that up to missing home, rather than something that could have developed further. said by: Tvequals

Rachel didn’t get much screentime this week, but she definitely made the most of her scenes with Mercedes. Who among us didn’t get a little misty when she reflected on her first time with Finn? She didn’t have to say his name; I was already having flashbacks to that magical, awkward night at the Hudson household. Speaking of which, TVLine recently asked executive producer Ryan Murphy about Rachel’s romantic future, and it doesn’t sound like we should expect to see her with any new arm candy this season. As for Season 6? That’s another story. said by:  TvLine

The two best moments of the entire hour were ….and that small monologue of Rachel’s near the end that explained that weird thing with Sam earlier this season, and that she is not looking to hook up with anyone in the future. Her life has changed, and as much grief as we give “Glee,” they are handling Lea Michele given what she’s been through beautifully. said by: Matt Carter

Rachel (Lea Michele) an unfortunate supporting player in the show, with perhaps Michele’s real-life recent media blitz… Nonetheless, Rachel and Mercedes got a rare dramatic moment together, sensitively and endearing played by the duo of Michele and Riley. On the other hand, there’s always a reason for Rachel to sing - always. Something. Anything. Whatever. If something else in the ep would have had to go it would have been worth it to justify another musical number, particularly one for Rachel, but a topic-centric and generally strong show was amply evidently to see - pulled off with aplomb by the wisely-chosen central cast of the newly reformatted series as it now stands, and sings, and reinforcing a newfound energy in the series spurned on by the new locale. said by: BwayWorld

"The idea of, ‘Let’s concentrate on six people we know and love and really work hard on their evolution,’ I think has really served the show well. Next year, that’s the formula that we will be using.”  Ryan Murphy.

Yes some of us have known this since season 1 Ryan.  The show  lost its focus when you tried to make everyone the star.    You bought into your own “ensemble show” promotion of the show even though the first episode and season was very much about your three leads and a few other main characters.  Plus the supporting characters were actually there to support, how it should be. 

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