The “Glee” Cast Looks Back On The Song That Started It All.

Kevin McHale: Our first real experience on that stage was “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and it felt like camp at the time because we were all trying to figure out what the hell this show was. None of us knew what we were doing.

Lea Michele: And we got in trouble.

Chris Colfer: We got in a lot of trouble for goofing off during Matt [Morrison (Mr. Schue)]’s coverage.

Michele: When they were filming Matt, we were messing around so much that [creator] Ryan [Murphy] came up and yelled at us.

Colfer: I wasn’t messing around. I was very serious.

Michele He was back then, but we broke him.

Amber Riley: That was the first time — of many times — we got in trouble with Ryan.

McHale: The best memory I have is of us all sitting on the stage and getting to know each other in between takes. Also, that number was probably one of the simplest we’ve ever done, and it took a day and a half to shoot. It was also re-choreographed at least 12 times.

5 years ago glee was starting to shape up.


July 2008 - Fox showed interest early on in “Glee,” giving the project a pilot commitment — as well as an order for four additional scripts — in July. (1)

July-Oct -Auditions

August - Most seem to have done their first audition August than Network audition in Sept. (Lea said she was hire on the spot after the network, Jenna said she knew Lea had the role before she audition, so I surmise Sept network auditions)


Sept 2- First person cast on glee - Lea Michele (2) (3)

Sept 5 - Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison announced as joining the cast of glee. (4)

Sept 11 - Jenna, Chris and Kevin hire. (Amber ?) (5)

Sept/Oct - glee rehearsal

Oct 2/3? - approx date of Cory hired/meeting glee cast?? (6)

Oct. 9/10? - approx 2 days before she started filming - Dianna hire. (7)

Oct 11 - Filming begins on pilot.

Dec 15 - glee picked up for 13 episodes. (8)

May 19 - pilot airs

Sept 2009 - glee gets full season.

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