Opening Night

Rachel Berry is, by all accounts, a star. said by: Billboard

Love it or hate it, the Rachel Is a Huge Broadway Star cookie has crumbled. …Her limited storyline last week, and Lea Michele’s emotionally raw but understated performance, thawed my heart and prepared me to want Rachel to succeed, with no reservations.  Lovefool - A, A (for both Funny Girl performances) Pumpin Blood - A. .said by: EW

Rachel ended up blowing the roof off the theater with her performance…just as Rachel rediscovered herself in time for opening night – Glee has really found itself since shifting full-time to New York. Everything about this episode, from the writing to the emotions to the pay-offs, felt genuine.

 Rachel: “Lovefool” — Rating: A-
Sue and Will: “NYC” — Rating: B-
Rachel: “I’m the Greatest Star” — Rating: A
Rachel and Sue: “Who Are You Now?” — Rating: A
Rachel, Santana and Mercedes: “Pumpin Blood” — Rating: A- said by: TvLine

Our Fanny Brice was finally ready to blow everyone away—and she definitely did! said by: E!

If they ever do remake Funny Girl for real Lea Michele better get the part. Really. said by: TV Fanatic

Seriously, that long shot down the hall, down the stairs, down another hall, and down another flight of stairs, and across to the stage is so vivid I’m anxious just thinking about it. Great work by Lea Michele, the discordant scoring, and the camerawork. And that’s just the beginning. Then there’s a following shot as she actually goes out on stage, then the curtain rises, the audience applauds, and the spotlight hits her. And then we cut to a close-up as Rachel snaps into Fanny. Never doubted her for a second. said by; AV Club

Fact: @msleamichele was excellent in this week’s #Glee. It’s a shame so few people saw/will see her work in #OpeningNight said by: Brian Cantor, Headline Planet

But, like all of Lea Michele’s previous Funny Girl numbers performed over the course the series, this was liberating for all the ardent Rachel Berry fans in the audience. said by:

Lovefool by The Cardigans, sung by Rachel, B+ – A bit extraneous plot-wise, but made for a hysterical and very weird dream sequence. Loved all the homages to the now-absent high school. NYC from Annie, sung by Will & Sue B – Cute but unremarkable. I personally could have done without so much Sue focus in this episode that was supposed to be all about Rachel, but considering there’s a chance this may have been both Will and Sue’s swan song, I’ll give it a pass. I’m The Greatest Star from Funny Girl, sung by Rachel. A – Rachel easily proves that she IS the biggest star with this fun and confident number (which Kurt used to audition for “West Side Story” way back in early Season Three). Who Are You Now? from Funny Girl, sung by Rachel & sue A+ – Chilling. Who knew that a Rachel/Sue duet would be so gorgeous? Turns out they were the duet combo we never knew we were missing! The highlight of the episode, especially Rachel’s last few notes as she remembered Finn and nailed her big debut. Pumpin’ Blood by NONONO, sung by Rachel A- – It didn’t have the emotional heft of either of the Funny Girl songs, but it’s hard to beat for sheer, unabashed fun. said by: Haveuheard

This must be the cheapest broadway musical ever produced. The stage design looks like….a McKinley concert. And come on, like Rachel wouldn’t be all over that cast party? But other than that…it’s pretty great. It’s really sort of wonderful to see the payoff of Rachel’s Broadway dreams coming true, and yet, the fact that it’s happening now, when the love of her life is no longer around to see it, adds a bittersweet poignancy that prevents it from getting too schmaltzy. said by Zambio

It’s every bad dream rolled into one. She’s suddenly naked (yea!),… She makes her long walk through the backstage, past her cast mates and crew, and takes her place center stage behind the curtain. Tell me you did not get goosebumps at this part. The curtain rises and she is greeted with applause…. Rachel cries too, and digs deep inside her heart, offering a little piece of it to the audience….As soon as Rachel walks in, she is recognized by adoring fans. They beg her to sing, and she’s in absolute heaven. She struts around the bar, signing people’s body parts and singing “Pumping Blood…..Next time on glee… some dude telling Rachel that she has a face for radio. Apparently he has not seen her L’Oreal commercials, because she’s worth it.  said by: Backlot

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